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Survival Value of Movies for Meaning

What’s the survival value of watching imitated-life in movies?  Is it to learn from shared experiences of past behavior? To know where we currently stand?  To imagine how the future changes?

: Will AI fuel nature’s creative/destructive cycle to create new life forms from existing ones? Alex Garland’s SHIMMERING SyFy movie ANNIHILATION answers “YES!” An allegory of our evolving realities?

(From a related post I wrote on “life as digital art” in the #FrictionlessSociety)

Increasingly, we can convert static intangible “frozen” thoughts into “liquid” information, which we can then design and build into tangible artifacts; what tangible artifacts we can design and build by any means, we can also convert back into intangible “liquid“ information to move or store for later use. This line of thought raises the question:  What is our new “art” for the #FrictionLessSociety™ of the digital age?

This brings us back to the fundamental question of “Why Art, anyway?”  Why do we need it? What is its purpose?  How does art’s existence improve our chance of survival?

I argue that “art” is necessary to give life meaning as life gets buffeted about by persistent change that is fueled by the constant clash between the forces of order and chaos. We shift from “lower” paradigm to the next “higher” paradigm in a constant search for the next stable view of  reality, a search that gets more difficult as life accelerates.  Our expression of art must change as the circumstances of our existence changes to keep us in sane balance–and it does.

Our world is being glued together by technological media that is both tangible and intangible. [Isn’t “tangible” just a first approximation to “intangible?”] If the technological media that stores and moves intangible information knowledge is generally called Social Media, the creative content of that current life of social media could be defined generally as social media art, or SociArt, or Frictionless art—SlikArt.  Subcategories of this new form of art for the digital age include the following familiar examples...

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