Evolution of Truth

Quantum Truth Possibilities are Practically Infinite


Truths Evolve from Exchanges Between Distinctions

Reality is Provisional



Bohr vs Everett

 RJH Tweet May 15, 2018:  all distinctions are made of the same non-distinctive quantum stuff, which is exchanged to make newer & better stuff. Bohr (B) said: Reality is made by our minds; Everett (E) said: Reality is made in parallel worlds. Both can be right: “made by our minds in parallel worlds.”

Evolution of Truth

Truth is what we believe, for whatever reason or non-reason, based on our experience with other people and things, or “distinctions,” and what we learn from and about them to feed our desires.  I believe Truth is Knowledge. Truth evolves  because knowledge evolves.

We create abstract models of distinctions in our minds  to understand and manage  our relationships with them (culture as a market), but we may never know the core reality (nomenon) at the core of each phenomenon.   Instead we seem to live mostly in a binary world of polar opposites connected by a continuous spectrum that is a mixed shade of each binary pole at any point on this spectrum.

Our physical senses tell us all we know about PHYSICAL REALITY based on the extremes and their “in-betweens” of existence: Hot vs Cold. Sweet vs Sour. Black vs White. Loud vs Quiet.  Up vs Down. Near vs Far. Fast vs Slow. On vs Off. Live vs Dead. Yet we only sense a tiny sliver of what is going on in the universe because he have such a tiny natural bandwidth for receiving and processing information. Technology is rapidly expanding both our bandwidth and storage capacity for information with non-human devices, thereby, creating a new hybrid culture.

We make fun of “alternative facts” as if absolute truth exists.  Why? Because it has been proven that there are things we can know but cannot prove, and things we can prove but cannot know (Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem, 1931). If absolute truth does exist, it must be intangible, and metaphysical, like love.

What is “love?”  How do you measure it? It is always relative and it is the one thing that moves us to act.  Work: We pursue what we love to do. Having done and enjoyed what we love, we want to do it all over again; that is, until we get tired of doing it because that love has faded. Why? The value of doing it has faded.  Does “love” equal “value” or quality on some scale? Philosopher Robert Pirsig thought so and wrote two books about it.

We say we love freedom.  What is “freedom,” except the opposite of “control,” or restriction. Absolute FREEDOM means “no restriction whatsoever,” an idealize metaphysical state of being in which we die of too much excitement. Absolute control is death from the metaphysical state of non-being, or boredom. Life exists between these extremes.

The desire for absolute truths in love or freedom is a weapon used by those who deceive. Mistrust and deception is going on at a high level in society right now. However, throughout history cultures have risen up to protect the continued evolution of truth and knowledge.  David Deutsch, father of quantum computing and a philosopher, spoke on cultural moral truth in a 2011 interview about his book, The Beginning of Infinity:

“Our political traditions[of scientists and philosophers] are more rational than typical people. You can have traditions in a culture which would have the effect of destroying the means of correcting errors; then, the various incentives that people have both inside and outside the system add up to produce intense, truth-seeking criticism, followed by howls of protest.”

RESTRICTION (social word) is FRICTION (scientific word); they have the same meaning in many different contexts depending on where you are on the spectrum of freedom and control. As I said, too much of either and we die. The parent of both words is CONSTRAINT, perhaps the primary force that shapes all of our POSSIBLE REALITIES.

We are always looking for optimum balance, which only exists in motion (sailboat tacking).  Friction-LESS is how we are tending to connect with each other and things now at an exponential rate. If truth is knowledge, will we acquire enough knowledge fast enough, and broadly distributed in civilization enough, to manage the awesome  power of the FrictionLessSociety? This is a global security problem of the highest order.

The TRUTHS of REALITY, in all their self-similar fractal forms, seem to exist as a living and learning metaphorical “sticky marble of knowledge” that rolls like a pendulum between too much control and too much freedom picking up knowledge as it traces out a cork-screw path of evolution moving through time.

Can’t wait to see what’s next?


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