Cosmic Brain

Brainchild of the Universe, We Are!

Einstein said, “Look deep into nature and you will understand…” The more things we create the more we find that nature has already created these same forms and functions.  We readily see this in plants, trees, animals and in our planetary internet that mirrors the communication networks of the human body and brain.  All of this tells us that we are literally the brainchildren of the universe (1).

We learned that there is dangerous chaos in the universe mixed in with beautiful and complex order.  We invented (discovered?) science to describe the order we experienced, and then used it to hack the universe to create more knowledge at a faster rate than nature.  Now, we are beginning to have enough knowledge to hack our life and re-engineer our biology (genes), our brains (neural networks) and all matter (nanobots) to build any new reality we please as we enter the #FrictionLessSociety™.

We have learned that nature seems fixed but in reality is always in motion. The larger our scale of knowing (e.g., galaxies) the more static things and our lives seem, and the less we have to adapt; the smaller our scale of knowing (e.g., gigabits/second) the more dynamic and hectic our life becomes, and the more quickly we have to adapt.

The things that seem to be fixed in form and function exist in a state of dynamic resonance in which the movement of their inner parts work in balance and harmony under constraints like a plucked string, ocean wave, flower, building, machine, or a person.  These semi-permanent “things” all have finite half-lives (the average mid-life of the thing) because all “things” eventually decay back into their common core stuff of which all things are made: chaotic primal energy of the cosmos. It seems like we are each traveling on one segment of a long circular path.

Traveling back home, we are!



(1) "Cosmic Brain" picture from recent supercomputer simulation to study dark matter and dark energy by the Euclid satellite to be launched in 2020. Human Brain picture from medical picture of actual brain.

3 thoughts on “Cosmic Brain

  1. It’s amazing how the brain is structurally and dynamically similar to the cosmic web. This actually has been recently confirmed by quantitative analysis and isn’t just a perceptual illusion.

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